The Society for the Study of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies (S.NET) is an international association that promotes intellectual exchange and critical inquiry about the advancement of nanoscience and emerging technologies in society. S.NET represents diverse communities, disciplines, viewpoints, and methodologies in the social sciences and humanities. It also welcomes contributions from scientists and engineers that advance the critical reflection of nanoscience and other emerging technologies. Due to its multidisciplinary approach, the S.NET community addresses a broad range of questions related to the development and societal embedding of new and emerging technologies, including, but not limited to the following themes:

  • Research dynamics and organisation
  • Innovation and use
  • Governance and regulation
  • Politics and ethics
  • Visions and cultural imaginaries
  • Roles of publics and stakeholders

As a major activity, S.NET holds annual conferences. The location for these conferences has changed from Europe to North America each year due to a founding aim of the society to foster trans-Atlantic research exchange and network building. As an increasing number of nations from around the globe now participate in the society, annual conference locations may extend in the future.

The 5th annual S.NET meeting was held October 27-30, 2013 in Boston, at the School of Law, Northeastern University on the theme Innovation, Responsibility, and Sustainable Development.

The 6th annual S.NET meeting will be held September 21-24, 2014 in Karlsruhe. The Call for Papers and further information can be found here. Deadline for submissions is March 28, 2014.

The S.NET is run by a scientific board.